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Apart from the myriad of local defence and security producers and service providers in Bulgaria, Rainmaker also has agreements in place with Bulgarian MoD (Bulgarian Defence Institute) we are best placed to assist with almost any procurement or security development project in Bulgaria with a focus on technology development, transfer, testing & certification with a view to end-user sales both in and outside of the Balkan Region. We are also a partners with the Hemus Foundation; organisers of Hemus 2022 - Eastern Europe’s most important defence and security exhibition.

Rainmaker is always looking for new regional and international partnerships as well as highly motivated individuals with all types of backrounds in the Security & Defence sector to join the growing network.

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Our Rainmakers

The majority of our team come from a security services, military or law enforcement background. We can call on GENUINE Tier-1 Operators who have recently finished their service with some of the worlds most elite special units as well as former Security Services personnel who are today, just as at home dealing with a Fortune 500 CEO as they are old a “Gold Commander” (Prime Minister or President).

Who Are Our Clients & Partners?

Rainmaker clients tend to be forward-thinking organisations that want to “get things done”. We work with a wide range of local producers in the Defence & Security sector covering weapon and ammunition production, armoured vehicle development and production, electro optical devices, PPE (ballistic armour), Load Carrying and textiles as well as high-tech product R&D in areas including unmanned vehicles (UxV) and Civil Military Co-operation (CIMIC – J9).

Why Bulgaria?

Our Headquarters is based in Sofia, Bulgaria – An EU & NATO Member country currently on the “front line” of tensions surrounding Ukraine. Bulgaria has typically been very difficult for all types of Western organisations to successfully enter. This is due to many reasons from a lack of cultural or historical understanding of the region too dealing with the endemic corruption that has plagued Bulgaria; until, it appears, very recently.

Why Rainmaker?

Rainmaker is an established international network focused on rapid routes to market in Defence & Security Sales world wide. Our pre-established relationships with both domestic, regional and international government agencies allows us to quickly establish your operation in the region and working at the highest possible level immediately. Our existing partnerships with the established defence companies in Eastern Europe allows Rainmaker to create meaningful partnerships for all aspect of product and service co-development and sales.