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About | Rain Maker Bulgaria - Business Development for Secure Industries

About Us


Let’s make rain,
It's what we do

RainMaker is a unique international B2B & B2G consultancy service established to get results for your business in areas you may fear to tread.

Our extensive network of security orientated professionals has taken over 30 years to establish and we have advised many regional and international operations on rapid business development in emerging locations, quick routes to market and effective sales channels with one single aim; to increase your profile & profits.

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Our Rainmakers

The majority of our team come from a security services, military or law enforcement background. We can call on GENUINE Tier-1 Operators who have recently finished their service with some of the worlds most elite special units as well as former Security Services personnel who are today, just as at home dealing with a Fortune 500 CEO as they are old a “Gold Commander” (Prime Minister or President).

Who Are Our Clients?

Rainmaker clients tend to be forward-thinking organisations that want to “get things done”. Our clients don’t want “reasons for failure”; they just want results and usually in parts of the world or at times when most of their competitors are more concerned with their corporate survival than expansion. If you and your organisation are ambitions enough, we would like to talk to you!

Why Bulgaria?

Our Headquarters is based in Sofia, Bulgaria – An EU & NATO Member country that has seen a rapid increase in its fortunes since 2007 as well as increased interest from established Western Corporates and the Middle East, African and Asian governments and enterprise alike looking to take advantage of local talent, low costs and an endless supply of opportunities in the Region. Bulgaria is also a low-cost hub for international airlines.

Why Rainmaker?

We are not “cheap”… but we are effective. And that means we provide the best value for your organisation to rapidly and aggressively take a new market. We are not the people to call for the more mundane business development/sales tasks in developed markets. Call us only for your “special projects”.