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Let’s make rain,
It's what we do

RainMaker.Bg is a unique international B2B consultancy service established to get results for your business operations... fast.

Our extensive Bulgaria-UK-Balkan network has taken over 20 years to establish and we have advised many regional and international operations on rapid business development, quick routes to market and sales channels with one single aim; to increase your profile & profits.

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Established Network Access

By becoming a Rainmaker Partner you will get instant access to thousands of high-level decision-makers in Bulgaria, The Balkans & the United Kingdon. Our Associates work with almost every competitive B2B sector in these regions from software development to financial services to ensure you have the right regional partners and sales channels to rapidly validate your business or service.

Sales Training & Mentoring

Do you have an existing sales team that could perform better? We are happy to help train and mentor your current team and provide them with our unique sales process as well as a host of tips and tricks we have personally developed and proves to work. by implementing our solutions to your sales problems you will have all the tools you need to be confident that your business is growing at the rate you want it too.

Outsource Your Sales

Regardless of your company status as a start-up or a Fortune 500, you still need to deliver sales to keep your company growing. We know that Bulgaria and The Balkans are virtual deserts when it comes to finding experienced sales professionals and that alone can take months to even come close to finding the skills and energy of a Rainmaker. Talk to us about handling 100% of your sales process so you can focus on delivery and relationship building.

Complete Business Development

Are you planning on entering the Balkan or UK markets with new products or services? Why not commission Rainmaker.bg to advise on everything from a local entity (company) set-up, message positioning, marketing, routes to market, target identification & selection and high-frequency prospecting to develop long-lasting relationships for your business. We have the established network, the time on the ground and the knowledge to make you a success!
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