Rain Maker
/ˈreɪnmeɪkə/ (noun)

"A person who generates income for a business or organisation by brokering deals or attracting clients or funds." is an expert international consultancy with over 20 years of developing business between Bulgaria, The Balkans and the UK. From training your sales team to delivering your actual sales; you need to speak with the Rainmaker.

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Rainmaker Services

Business Development

Become a Rainmaker Partner and get instant access to thousands of UK, Bulgarian and other regional decision-makers including Fortune 500's and Government agencies. Attend international Rainmaker events in your sector to meet your international partners

Outsource Your Sales

Startups and established businesses alike often need a rapid route to market to continue funding their expansion. Allow us to help develop a strategy that will make you a market leader in The Balkans or the UK.

VIP Introductions

They say the basics needed to succeed in business are "Time, Knowledge & Contacts". You may have the business Knowledge but do you have the Time to create the Contacts? Tap into the Rainmaker Network that covers Bulgaria, The Balkans and the UK from Fortune 500's to Governmental agency.

Sales Training&Mentoring

Is your sales team underperforming? We will train & mentor your current team and equip them with our own tried and tested targeting & prospecting techniques utilising the latest tracking and reporting technologies to get them exceeding their targets within 3 months or less.

Rain Maker Events

Rainmaker works with our Associates to bring you the most targeted, best attended B2B events in Bulgaria and the UK within your sector to ensure you are developing relationships with the right partners and clients.

Chambers of Commerce

Rainmaker has an extensive network built up over many years. Additionally to this, we are active in many of the regional British Chambers and have actively been involved in forming such institutions as The British Bulgarian Business Association ( at Board level.

Rainmaker Partners

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