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Rainmaker - Business Development & Sales for Security Aware Organisations

Rain Maker
/ˈreɪnmeɪkə/ (noun)

"A person who generates income for a business or organisation by brokering deals or attracting clients or funds under almost any circumstances."

Rainmaker is an expert international consultancy with decades of developing serious business between Bulgaria, The Balkans & the rest of the World. Our expertise is in "secure business development" so we are best suited to industries that include Security & Defence, Financial Services and other mission-critical sectors that require a level of trust expected at National Security level.

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Rainmaker Services

Aggressive Biz-Dev

Pandemics, international conflict & unstable governments maybe good reasons for your competitors to stop developing their business but we see these as simple "excuses to fail", used by business owners without the resources to compete in such uncertain times. Our network of Rainmakers spans the globe and are already operating in areas you may not want to at both government and corporate level.

International Rainmakers

Our Rainmakers are made up of highly experienced professionals that span industries and activities from government intelligence services, former senior armed forces and law enforcement operators who have vast experience in working in developing (and often hostile) environments around the world.

Security First

Personal (PERSEC), as well as corporate security, has never been more important than in 2020. From safeguarding your digital assets (Cybersecurity) to considering your employees health & safety in their workplace is paramount. Our Rainmakers are well experienced in all levels of risk management and are prepared to take "opportunities" you or your team are unwilling or unable to.

VIP Connections

They say the basics needed to succeed in business are "Time, Knowledge & Contacts". You may have the business Knowledge but do you have the Time to create the Contacts? Tap into the Rainmaker Network that covers Bulgaria, The Balkans and the rest of the world from Fortune 500's to Governmental agency.

International Sales

Some opportunities in sales are too good to be true or at certain times, hard to physically reach. Our Rainmakers are based across Western capital cities, The Middle East, Africa and most other parts of the developing world providing ready access to their networks for immediate market penetration.

Training & Mentoring

Is your sales team underperforming? Are they having problems communicating in a new market with an unfamiliar culture? We will train & mentor your current team and equip them with our own tried and tested prospecting methods relevant for the target geographic location and backed-up by advanced Business Intelligence tools more familiar to security services than Enterprise.